Three things the art “Spirit” represents:  An abstract form symbolizing spirit.  A bold, strong and optimistic form that is  always present.  A swish ribbon symbolizes a higher power.

Three things important to the artist:  Spirits live forever.  In life after death spirits take a new form.   A spirit’s energy is  eternal

Three questions the artist asks the viewer:  What form do you believe a spirit takes in eternal life?  What qualities does your  spirit have?  What type of energy does your spirit have that will live on in eternal life?

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PBR Designs and Art/ FF&E Art hospitality art 

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Pbr Designs And Art/ Ff&e Art Hospitality Art

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PBR Designs and Art is a division of                        PaulaPenny Art L.L.C. 

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PBR stands for Paula B. Radvansky.  Paula B. Radvansky is a Texas Artist and Designer.  She studied art and business at Texas Woman's University.  She studied graphic design at Southern Methodist University.  She is a member of the Texas Woman's University chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success.  From the NSLS she brings values to her design and art that incorporate mind, body and soul.  These values convey optimism, good energy, healing and comfort.  Art is her first passion and next is interior design.  PBR Designs are contemporary designs that communicate fresh positive energy.  These designs are created with hospitality projects in mind.  Projects such as hotels, resorts, hospitals and healthcare facilties.  PBR Designs are also ideal for retail, staging projects and home interior design.  The product line includes original paintings, canvas gallery wrapped prints and paper framed prints ready to hang.  Coordinating fabric will be available Fall 2015

PBR Designs and Art is located in the heart of Dallas.  Our studio is in the Contintental Gin Building a 125 year old Historic Landmark Building in Deep Ellum just east of downtown Dallas.  If you are interested in visiting the studio in Dallas just email and request an appointment.  

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"So Cali"




Three things the art “Connect” represents:  The trees and golden lights are heaven. The swish in the tree forms symbolizes a higher power. The circles are spirits and circles that connect and reconnect shine brighter

Three things important to the artist:
  Spirits are eternal.  Spirits are strong.  Spirits connect in life and reconnect in eternal life

Three questions the artist asks the viewer:  Have you felt the presence of a loved one who passed away?  What form do you think their spirit has taken?  Do you feel like you are still always connected?

Three things the art "So Cali" represents:  ​The tall palm trees with an upward perspective symbolize optimism and happiness.  Diagonal lines represent movement and energy.  Graphic design forms and a swish of bubbles represent spirit and a higher power.

Three things important to the artist:

Southern California has a special feeling in the air of optimism, happiness and good energy.  This is the perfect environment for creative energy and relaxation.  This is the perfect environment to refresh and regroup.

Three things the artist asks the viewer:  Is there a place that makes you feel optimistic, happy and energized?   Does this place help you relax and be in touch with your spirit?  What is it about that place that gives you happiness, energy, relaxation and recharges your soul?

Three things the art "Fearless" represents:  This is an abstract landscape of a full moon 3 stars 3 clouds and rolling hills. The night landscape represents challenges in life.  The full moon and bright stars represent hope and optimism.

Three things important to the artist:  ​Life is going to throw many challenges at you.  Never underestimate yourself.  One day, one night and one step at a time you can work through anything with optimism and faith.

Three things the artist asks the viewer:  Do you have faith in a higher power?  Do you believe in a higher power that loves you and can get you through the most difficult days and nights?  If you do,  can you be Fearless?